PET’S ZONE is a dream come true to anyone wanting to provide entertainment and attract crowds. Not only drawing in crowds and keeping them at your venue or event for longer periods of time, this new sensation allows customers to see the world in a whole new light. Standing at approximately three feet tall and holding up to 250 pounds, these plush motorized animals are suitable for all ages to ride around inside or outside, and it is safe and easy to do so. Animals are not allowed into stores, and steering is easy, creating an even safer environment for customers.

Also we have a huge inventory of balloons for any occasion making your party or event unforgettable click here for check inventory

Bringing PET’S ZONE to your venue or event would bring incredible returns. Taking up only a small amount of space, revenue would come from every single rental of the animals, or balloons purchases , when considering that rentals of the animals or sells of the balloons are affordable for nearly every demographic, could be up to hundreds of rentals or sells a day. Even for those unable or unwilling to rent, PET’S ZONE gives free demos to anyone who would like to try riding, leaving everyone happy and remembering a good experience, whether they rented or not. Call Us today to bring PET’S ZONE to your mall, fair, rodeo, or other public event.

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