Yes! We love the avid PET’S ZONE! Ask at our mall location about the Frequent PET’S ZONE Discount such as free ride, or free balloon

YES!!! They make a great addition to any party or event. Check out our Parties & Events page for more information!

1. Are not allowed to leave the mall and must stay in the mall common areas. They are NOT allowed inside Stores or Food Court.

2. No eating or drinking on the Animals.

3. You will be $35 charge if the Animal has any stain.

4. Be mindful of others and do not run animals into people or fixtures.

5. There is a 5 minute grace period for the return of the rented animal. After that you will be charged for an additional 30 minutes at the full rate.

6. There is a maximum capacity of 250lbs / 2 riders on large animals, 1 rider only on small animals.

7. Pet’s Zone is not responsible for any animal falls, accidents, broken property or damage property to third parties for irresponsible use.

8. Parent(s) or Guardian(s) must stay with child at all times when child is riding.

You can ride the animals all throughout the mall except they cannot go in the stores.

We offer an unforgettable experience where parents and kids can have fun together enjoying our pets rides and pets balloons

PET’S ZONEis adventurers who ride our safe, padded motorized versions of different kinds of animals. They operate easily by the push of a button and move at walking speed making them easy to keep up with.

Most children ages 3 and above can maneuver and steer the animals without help. Younger children would need extra supervision from an older child or caretaker.

Here at PET’S ZONE, customer experience and satisfaction is of the utmost importance. If there is anything in particular that you enjoyed or would like to see us improve on, please take a moment to fill out one of our online surveys and let us know what you think!

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